Near future. A military nurse is taking her wounded husband to safety.
But a call from orbital command forces her to make some very tough choices...


We love sci-fi
and we want to see
more of it

That's why we decided to make it ourselves. “Summer” is our take on a true human story, unravelling in a futuristic environment, shot without major studios' support or hundred-member crews.


Anton Outkine


Anton doesn't just imagine the future in his films. He makes it real by creating futuristic concepts at his own company Thalient. Everyone in the team is versatile — that's why Anton also writes scripts, makes music, sound design and titles.

Alena Babenko


Alyona is famous nationwide in Russia for her cinema and theatre roles. Less known is her passion for sci-fi, which is why she agreed to star in our film after we seized an opportunity and slipped her the script.

Valentin Vall


Valentin is a fresh face in Russian cinema. In his own words: “I act in TV series, cinema and non-repertory theatre between practicing martial arts, equilibristics and riding all kinds of boards.”

Nata Pokrovskaya


Nata knows everything about planning and meeting deadlines ‘yesterday’. She co-writes scripts with Anton, edits our films, takes care of all Lateral Summer's communications and is making her first steps as colourist.


Anatoly Belikov


Anatoly produces Hollywood-level CG and VFX at his own small studio He is the kind of guy who renders stuff two hours before his own wedding (true story).

Alex Tryapochkin

Executive Producer

On “Summer”, his first film, Alexey handles the solving of all unsolvable problems. Among his friends are all Moscow's hipster foodies, so if you're seeking out the trendiest burger in town, ask him.

Daria Mareeva

Team Assistant

Like all of us Dasha is a multi-talented person. She knows how to write a script, how to find an AER-9 laser rifle replica, and how to buy coffee beans at a closed Starbucks.

Natalia Bryantseva

Costume Designer

A commercial director at an ad agency and a successful young jewellery designer, with “Summer”, Natasha realised her dream of designing costumes for a film — as brilliantly as everything she does.


Egor Protsko


Egor, a talented documentary cinematographer, has worked for Leica Academy and shot some music videos for young Russian bands. “Summer” became his first experience in feature film.

Pavel Roytberg


Having PhD in Economics and running an IT company, Pavel likes to spend leisure-time making short films of his own or participating in friends’ projects as a DoP or a film editor, where his extensive technical background really shines.

Anna Dukhonina


Anna fell in love with “Summer” at Anton & Nata’s master class and seized the moment when the team announced they were looking for a line producer. When Anya’s not working she shoots her own films and helps friends and her teachers.

Phil Beloborodoff


A rather successful young contemporary photographer (check his photo book in this year’s Rock Your Dummy shortlist), Phil came to Moscow to shoot our behind the scenes video.

THank You

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